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The Grid

Updated: May 22, 2021

The Global Grid matrix can be visualized as an energetic grid of light intersecting at specific points within and around the planet and cosmos.

The druids spoke of ley lines and the energetic way they all link up.

It is unseen within these crevices of our earth and they link up to the stars. The Ancient ones knew this. It’s well known the pyramids of Giza have a direct connection to the Orion star system. Sacred sites are located at certain powerful grid points on the earth.

The grid sustains lifeforce of the planet. We all have a connection to that energetic matrix of light in our own body that keeps us connected to that .We receive and channel crystalline frequencies of earth and cosmic energies allowing us to embody light and also to direct this light out into the world.

The technology behind this is so complex and it’s technical it’s light technology. But the incredible thing is receiving it is simple and light and beautiful. Running it on yourself is so simple you don’t have to understand the technology behind it for it to work. But that will happen at first we work with it in faith knowing something’s happening. As you go on you want to understand the technology more and it becomes easier to understand.

Discovering more about the Grid, visiting Sacred sites and connecting to and working with crystals are aspects of working with grid technology I have been exploring for some time now and will continue to explore .I feel here in Ireland we are so fortunate to have so many sacred sites and stone circles and there’s so much more awareness and interest in visiting these sites today.

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