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About Soul Play

We are learning to live in a new way, the way of the heart navigating this river of change and transformation with our hearts as our inner compass.   

I facilitate Transference healings by channeling universal light and healing frequencies into the body intuitively identifying procedures to run according to your needs alchemy happens to create change. 


Transference Healing combines ancient spiritual practices, shamanic wisdom, and earth and cosmic electromagnetic frequencies. 

This healing modality is suitable for all ages, conditions, or illnesses regarding healing, personal growth, and spiritual empowerment. 

To achieve and maintain wellness at this time we need to regularly clear, realign and balance all of our energetic bodies. 

We need to balance our masculine and feminine energies, refine our power centre, purify by clearing karma, patterning and wounding from our cellular memory.

We need to heal emotional wounding and go deeper into our heart, bring more light into our bodies and work towards anchoring our light body, and in parallel continuously shift into higher levels of consciousness.


Transference Healing supports us to navigate this ascension process to achieve balance wellness and spiritual growth. 

Receiving regular sessions or learning to do them yourself enables you to access spiritual gifts, and abilities to gain personal and spiritual self-mastery. 

At its core, this healing seeks to heal your disconnection from Spirit. 

Learn more about the specific services I offer here

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