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My Story

I grew up in a family with a lot of children. During childhood I had trauma- the death of a loved one and that shut down my heart. I never wanted to feel anything and disconnected from myself.

Although I started a healing journey in 2002 and began studying Transference Healing in 2011, it wasn't until I experienced serious illness in myself that I created real change. The fear of death brought big realizations of how precious life is.

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I had spent my whole life in fear - often racing through it. I felt so angry, ashamed, how could this happen to me? I know, from my own experience that it takes so much to break through and embody change and transformation.

So many feelings to release of grief, and trauma and pain. In hindsight, my illness was a gift and a massive turning point for me. I now realize I had to step back and feel all the emotions that had begun to surface from the depth of my being, in order to rediscover myself, my passions, and my purpose. 


It's been quite a journey to evolve from that. I want to share this with you because I know that as women, we can struggle with disconnecting from our true selves, and I am so passionate about working with women like myself who have lived that type of journey.


You may share with me feelings of disconnection and loss, you may be feeling unwell and want to find the light inside you and rediscover your own 

passion again.


In the past, I learned healing modalities. I realise now Transference Healing was the one I felt most safe to practice and share with other people.

It's the light technology that's still alive and evolving today that I continue to learn and upgrade in myself ongoing, that has brought me here today. I know it's a pure pathway to healing and ascension.


Transference Healing is a modality of empowerment and self-healing and I'd love to share it with you. Through it, I have found a way to reconnect to my own inner spark again. For me, it's a 'Coming Home'.


The foundation of all healing is self-awareness. It is key to releasing blocks and creating more flow and wellness in life. As we clear what needs to be cleared, we lift the frequency of our body and consciousness.

As we connect more to ourselves, we align with our higher selves, our own inner guidance and access our heart's wisdom, power and love.


This is still my journey and will continue to be, only now I am ready to put it out in the world.


Nora x

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