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New Children

Updated: May 22, 2021

Initially I trained as a General Nurse and then qualified in Children’s Nursing. I have always enjoyed working with children and my own three children were my greatest teachers, they opened my mind and my heart. As we mother our children we experience the joys challenges and unique learning each child opens us up to. As the new children are more evolved I feel they need to be seen and nurtured for who they really are and supported to grow and continue to evolve.

Children should be seen and felt as the total unique individuals they are and to develop in their own way with our support guidance and mentoring. Ideally to be able to create their own paths based on their own gifts and talents.

Characteristics of the New Children:

> These children have a different genetic makeup and more refined vibrational level they are uniquely attuned to energy light and crystals

> They see, sense and feel on a heart level and can co create consciousness through the use of extra sensory perception.

> They hold more light and therefore respond more effectively to sound and light technology

> They have a more expanded consciousness and a deep connection to nature.

> Crystal, star and indigo children share different characteristics

> They need to be able to clear their energy fields and learn grounding practices.

They anchor light onto the planet and into humanity shifting us in consciousness and urging us towards a more highly evolved way of living.

If we can support them they will feel safe in the world. The greatest gift we can give them is to be present with them and truly see them allowing their gifts to unfold naturally .

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